After hours tea

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After hours tea

After hours tea

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A tea to calm the nervous system, relieve tension and lower cortisol. Reserved for unwinding after a long day and to relieve anxious minds at anytime, this beaut has been specifically formulated with your adrenals in mind. Containing organic withania, lavender buds and passion flower this tea will soothe a racing mind, relieve body tension and get you truly relaxing. In need of me time? This tea is for you.


  • Passionflower
  • Chamomile
  • Cinnamon
  • Withania
  • Lavender

How to use

  • Enjoy 1 – 3 times daily, before bed and/or with anxiety and tension
  • 1tsp/mug
  • 1tbsp/pot
  • Brew time 15-20 minutes covered

This tea is safe for children about 1yr

1/4tsp/mug ages 1-5yrs


  • 100gms
  • 30 serves


  • Packed in recyclable and compostable materials

Safe in pregnancy