Are you looking for accessories for your child's Maileg friend or another Maileg friend?

The sizes at Maileg can be a bit confusing in the beginning. We have multiple sizes that just differ in a few centimeters but make the whole Maileg universe complete. It’s important that there are all these different-sized mice, beds, tents, and so on because this is a part of the magic to Maileg.

Since you are shopping online on our website and it is even harder to see the differences and what they match best with, in this blog post we are trying to give you a little overview.


Our Maileg mice family has three generations and different themes, do you already know the hiking mouse, ballerina studio or beach collection?

Bunny & Rabbit

With the bunnies and rabbits, it is a bit trickier, since we updated the sizes and now have ‘old’ and ‘new’ sizes. The My and Micro stayed, which are the smallest in both. To make sizing easier, the new Sizes are in the numbers of one to five.

Comparing old to the new

Here comes a little comparing of the old to the new scope, so you can check if the clothing from new collections can still fit the bunny or rabbit you already have.

Size 1 is close to Mini, size 2 is completely new size that is in between the Mini and Medium size. Ongoing the sizes can be compared, size 3 to Medium, size 4 to Maxi, and size 5 to Mega. The old Mega maxi size has no opponent in the new size cart and will, therefore, be discontinued.

Safari Friends

Our Safari Friends are loved by many Kids, but also Adults – they are just so cute and are available in many colors. Divided into three sizes and the rattle edition, it’s your choice to make.

Best Friends

Everyone need to have a best friend; this one comes in a box and is safe to go wherever you want to take him.

Maileg Dollhouse

The Dollhouse is there to give all your beloved friends a home. There are many different options to fill your Maileg house with life, here you can find the sizes that fit good in there.

  • Bunny and Rabbit: My, Micro, Size 1 and Size 2

  • All Teddies

  • Miniature furniture

Don’t forget in the world of imagination, nothing needs to have the exact size – there is no wrong and right, but only what you make out of it.

For the matter of getting a better overview of all the products regarding sizes, combinations and inspiration; we have an inspiration page. Here you can find a collection of pictures that can give you ideas of product relations and combinations.