Tula Baba: the name

Tula (pronounced toola) baba is an African lullaby that my mom sang to me as a little girl and we now sing to our daughter, Evie. It means ‘hush child’ in Zulu and being originally from South Africa, it felt like a perfect fit to have that connectedness to Africa.

It is inspired by a tradition passed down from one generation to the next and I love how something as simple as a lullaby can bring us together.

Our story

Being a first-time parent, I know how exciting yet a little daunting having a baby can be and so I wanted to create a go-to shoppable destination for all your mum and baby basics and essentials. 

It all started after spending weeks and months searching for all the pieces we would need for the arrival of our daughter. I discovered we needed stuff - a lot of it but found it difficult to get it all in one place.

Inspired by my own littlest love and a passion for beautiful things - the aim is to create a space that contains my (and hopefully your) favourite brands. Brands that are trusted, loved, high in quality and stylish in design. Whether it’s a day-to-day item or a special gift, we want to bring you products that will help make life easier - that are practical and pretty.

tula baba products have been selected with you and your baba in mind, to make the transition from pregnancy to newborn to childhood as smooth, as possible.  Register for your baby shower, organise your nursery, customise your own gift for a soon-to-be mama in your life or simply treat your little one (or yourself). Whether your baba is moving onto solids and you need all the gear or they are growing and need the next size sleep-suit, we have assembled loved and trusted brands and must-have products into one shoppable edit, parenthood inspired.  

Most of our products have been tried and tested by me personally - I've done the research, the Google searching, the hits and the misses and have curated a list of helpful items to care for your newborn and beyond. We focus on sustainability, ethical products and organic materials wherever possible. Items are sourced from local Australian as well as international suppliers and I take great pride in the brands and designs we stock. 

I am here to answer any questions along the way as best I can.

Thank you for visiting x