5 Postpartum must-haves

5 Postpartum must-haves

1. Partum Panties

Partum Panties disposable maternity underwear absorb blood with the pad, double the size of any other brand, provides extra coverage for both front and back. It absorbs between 800-1000 ml.

Made from soft quality fabric with super stretchy waistband, they are perfect for your pregnant and postpartum tummy. With a built in maternity pad, they provide the ultimate absorption and are a great choice for both post-Vaginal and C-Section birth as they are designed to come up high over your wound.

Shop Partum Panties here

Partum Panties

2. BodyIce maternity care kit

Theses maternity ice and heat packs have been designed to help soothe your body during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. With two comfy breast pads and a dependable perineum strip, this kit will provide cooling or warming relief in all your sensitive areas.

Shop maternity care kit here 

Maternity care kit

3. Perineal wash bottle

An easy to use, mess free, perineal wash bottle designed to relieve the sting of urine and gently cleanse sensitive areas.

Make your postpartum recovery more comfortable with this ergonomic wash bottle that gently and effectively cleanses your vulva, perineum, or site of a c-section, without pressure.

Shop peri bottle here

Peri bottle

4. Healing Peri spray

Healing Peri Spray designed by a Naturopath at Mere Botanicals to help gently ease and sooth personal discomfort after birth. A nourishing solution formulated to keep your perineum clean, toned, refreshed and comfortable post birth.

Shop peri spray here 

Healing peri spray

5. Silverette nursing cups

Made from 925 silver, these nursing cups contain antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits. Silverette® will naturally prevent, protect and alleviate soreness, blisters and irritation from the result of breastfeeding or expressing milk.

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Comment below what some of your must-have items were to help other mama's to be feel supported, prepared and empowered in their postpartum journey.

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