Large eco bath mat

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Large eco bath mat - [product_vendor}
Large eco bath mat - [product_vendor}
Large eco bath mat - [product_vendor}
Large eco bath mat - [product_vendor}
Large eco bath mat - [product_vendor}
Large eco bath mat - [product_vendor}

Large eco bath mat

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Keep your little one safe in the bath or shower with our completely natural non slip bath and shower mats. 100% plant based, free from chemicals and toxins, soft and comfortable. This mat is 20cm larger than our original bath mat providing extra coverage. 


  • made from 100% natural rubber from hevea trees
  • coloured with organic pigments
  • biodegradable and eco-friendly 
  • free from PVC, BPA, EVA, phthalates
  • Australian owned and designed


75cm x 34cm 

Made from nature. Designed for little people.

Please note this is a natural material. We do not recommend running hot water directly onto the product or using cleaning agents as this may cause discolouration. To extend the life of the product, follow the care instructions 


  • Rinse before first use
  • Rinse and fully air dry after each use
  • Store in a dry area
  • Avoid direct sunlight as this may cause fading
  • Do not run directly under hot water as this will cause yellowing to occur.
  • Avoid leaving bath mat submerged in water for extended periods of time as this may cause discolouration and reduce the life of your mat
  • If your bath mat requires cleaning use 1 part vinegar to 20 parts water, stir and put in a spray bottle. Spray the surface of the mat and wipe over with a cloth
  • This is a natural product. Imperfections and variations are a natural feature of the product not a fault
  • This product is made from natural materials and organic pigments which means that it requires special care. You may notice some colour changes with use. Natural rubber is yellow in colour so it is normal for some of this pigment to show on the product.
  • Fading will occur naturally overtime


Wet the bottom of the bath and place the bath mat in suction side down. To ensure the mat stays in place it should be no wider or longer than the bath. Press firmly on the mat in various places to ensure suction. Test for any movement in the mat by pulling gently. Do not leave your child unattended in the bath. This is not a floatation device.