Breastfeeding massage ball

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Breastfeeding massage ball - [product_vendor}
Breastfeeding massage ball - [product_vendor}
Breastfeeding massage ball - [product_vendor}
Breastfeeding massage ball - [product_vendor}
Breastfeeding massage ball - [product_vendor}
Breastfeeding massage ball - [product_vendor}
Breastfeeding massage ball - [product_vendor}

Breastfeeding massage ball

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Here to help with breastfeeding!

It is well known that breast massage has many benefits, and that the three best ways to relieve many common breastfeeding issues are temperature, movement and compression.

The Lactamo breastfeeding ball facilitates breast massage with temperature. This combination helps with common breastfeeding problems including oversupply, undersupply, blocked ducts and engorgement.


  • Made from medical grade silicone
  • Heatable
  • Coolable 
  • Reusable
  • Specially designed for the elasticity of lactating breasts
  • Made in Australia

How to use

  • Massage towards the nipple (it’s the same direction as the flow of your milk ducts).
  • Try all sides of Lactamo to find the right firmness and pattern of movement for your needs.
  • When using Lactamo during feeding, don’t let it get in the way of your bub and ensure it doesn’t dislodge the nipple or upset their correct attachment to your breast.
  • Your breasts are working hard, so only apply a comfortable amount of pressure when using it. Remember: lactating breasts are sensitive and massaging should feel supportive and gentle, not painful.
  • If you’re experiencing a blocked duct, you may notice a painful lump on your breast. During this time, take extra care when using Lactamo. Use slow, gentle movements, particularly if your breast is engorged (as you’re likely to bruise easily during this time).
  • When using a cooled Lactamo steer clear of massage and compression on your breast.

How to heat Lactamo

To cool down either place it in the freezer (ideally for at least an hour) or submerge it in a glass of iced water for at least three minutes.

Cold Top Tips Freezing it for longer will keep it cooler for longer. Lactamo mums like to keep one of their Lactamos in the freezer so it’s always cold and ready to help (because you never know when that might be).


Remember to wash Lactamo before you use it. Simply give it a wash in warm, soapy water or throw it in your steam steriliser (note - not a microwave steriliser) - it’s that easy.

Please note: Make sure to handle your breasts gently, especially if they’re engorged, to avoid bruises.

Do not heat Lactamo in a microwave. Lactamo is not designed to be heated above 100°C. Don’t use Lactamo if it’s too hot (make sure you can comfortably roll it in your palms for 10 seconds).

Remember, Lactamo is for external use only. Do not use Lactamo on broken skin.

Don't let Lactamo end up in a toy basket - its not a toy. Make sure to only use it as directed and handle it with care.

Only apply a comfortable amount of pressure to avoid causing any damage. If it becomes damaged (such as if the outer silicone is cut or malformed), discard Lactamo. Discard your ball one year after you've purchased it. Contact us at for recycling options for Lactamo. 

Do not use Lactamo with massage oils: these may interfere with breastfeeding, and may interfere with Lactamo’s silicone surface. If symptoms persist or if you’re unsure or concerned, stop using Lactamo and consult your healthcare professional.