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Jessica Urlichs

You hung the moon - Jessica Urlichs


You Hung the Moon is a love letter between children and their mothers from poet Jessica Urlichs, with stunning illustrations by Sarah Reinhardt that make this the perfect gift for every ordinary day and every special occasion.

When you hold me

and sway like you do,

I know it was you

who hung the moon. 

From infancy to childhood, through the teenage years and into adulthood, the love between a mother and child is a bond like no other. This heartwarming book of verse by bestselling author and poet Jessica Urlichs is a celebration of this inimitable bond, gorgeously illustrated by Sarah Reinhardt. 

'Would make the most incredible gift for both young and old mothers around the world' - @TheMotherhoodProjectNZ 

'Jess has an incredible way with words' - @meganonair - Meg Mansell from The Edge Breakfast

A delightful gift for mothers of all ages and a beautiful book to share with children.




28th February 2023


18.8 x 16.5  x 1.2cm