Biodegradable nappy bags

Biodegradable nappy bags

Wotnot’s 100% compostable nappy bags are a must-have solution for your household. 

Made using natural cornstarch, Wotnot’s multipurpose, biodegradable nappy bags are a fantastic eco-friendly choice.

Our nappy bags are perfect for disposing of nappies, dog waste, and sanitary products, or for collecting food scraps to add to your compost bin. 

These eco-friendly nappy bags are unperfumed to comply with European and American Standards for biodegradability (EN 13432, ASTM 6400).

Reduce your reliance on single-use plastic and make a smarter, more environmentally friendly choice with Wotnot. Shop our biodegradable disposable nappy bags online today.

Contains 50 biodegradable nappy bags per pack.