Taninaka muslin wrap Desert Sun
Taninaka muslin wrap Desert Sun

Taninaka muslin wrap Desert Sun


Taninaka muslin wraps are luxurious double layer organic cotton, and OEKO-TEX dyed. Free from harmful dyes and toxins, Taninaka wraps are ideal for newborns' soft and sensitive skin.

These wraps are multi-purpose and can also be used as a play mat, to clean up spills, as a comforter, shade cloth, breastfeeding cover, as a sarong or a headscarf.  Thoughtful, timeless design - here to make your mess beautiful.


  • Made from  100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin 
  • 120cm x 120cm
  • Organic cotton is a natural & biodegradable resource grown from non- genetically modified seeds, without the use of harsh pesticides/fertilisers. This maintains the fertility and health of the land, protects groundwater supplies by reducing the number of pollutants entering them and also cuts down on air pollution. It also presents a low risk of skin allergies and irritations on your child's sensitive newborn skin.
  • This item has been coloured using 100% OEKO-TEX standard dyes. These low impact dyes are free from toxic chemicals or fixatives, require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate in the fabric.


    100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin