Swim nappy & wet bag bundle
Swim nappy & wet bag bundle
Swim nappy & wet bag bundle
Swim nappy & wet bag bundle
Swim nappy & wet bag bundle
Swim nappy & wet bag bundle
Baby beehinds

Swim nappy & wet bag bundle


This swim nappy bundle from Baby Beehinds includes a swim nappy and matching large wet bag. The multi-award winning reusable swim nappy is loved by parents all over the world. Simply adjust the snap connections on the front to adjust the length and cross over Velcro waist for the perfect fit.

Swim nappy features

  • Firm, but gentle leg elastics designed to keep solids inside
  • Velcro waist closure for quick changes and a perfect fit
  • Laundry tabs, so the Velcro doesn’t catch on other items
  • Premium resin rise snaps, to give a perfect fit around the legs and adjust sizing
  • Wide waist elastics for a comfortable and strong hold
  • Super quick drying time for in between swims
  • These wet bags are your best friend when you have a baby helping you with soiled, sticky messes when out & about. From nappies and swimmers to explosive situations these wet bags will have you covered.

Wet bag features

  • The Perfect Size - Whether you want to hold your cloth nappies for the day, swimmers & towel or all those nasty soiled clothes after a feed this wet bag is the perfect size. Hold 6-8 nappies and is 44cm x 34 cm in size.
  • Machine washable for the ultimate easy clean.
  • Smelly Proof - Keeps the wet, smelly things inside so your car trip is stink free. Simply wring out any wet swimmers or add your soiled nappies/clothes into the bag and deal with the mess when you get home.
  • Unlimited Uses - Spare clothes kit, swimming bag, library bag, picnic bag, rubbish bag, toy storage, camping bag. After nappy changing days are over, this wet bag just keeps on giving for years.

Swim nappy specifications

Waist Closure: Velcro Brand Hook & Loop
Absorbency: None Needed – It’s just to catch solids.
Outer layer - smooth PUL 100% polyester, coloured with safe, non-harmful dyes
Inner layer - stay dry layer of smooth suedecloth

Swim nappy size