SlumberPod is a quick-assembly sleep aid, privacy pod that helps babies or toddlers get a good night’s sleep — especially important when sharing a room with others. It completely encloses a travel cot, mini-crib, or select toddler cots. SlumberPod is the first portable, privacy sleep nook that allows babies to sleep in their safe and familiar playard or travel crib with room to sit up or stand up inside.

The SlumberPod solves the age-old problem of getting a good night’s sleep while sharing a room with your little one. With SlumberPod, parents can focus on having fun on trips instead of being stressed and having to find caffeine between every activity! SlumberPod's designed "suitcase" box includes the premium fabric canopy, a set of two poles, and a fabric carry bag with shoulder strap (with instructions sewn in for convenience).

  • SlumberPod is a quick-assembly privacy pod 
  • Dark inside, creating an optimum sleep environment
  • Built with safety in mind, passes applicable consumer product safety tests and more
  • Bottomless design to enclose travel cot, mini-crib, or select toddler cots
  • Quick and easy to set up and take down
  • Made of a unique fabric that is breathable (air-permeable) and light-blocking
  • Outfitted with ventilation windows and pocket for baby monitor or sound machine
  • Folds down into bag for storing or travel
  • Includes pair of sturdy aluminium shock cord poles
  • Material (breathable): 85% polyester, 15% spandex
  • Weight (including travel bag):  2.26 kg


Assembled - 127 x 91.5 x 142 cm.
Folded - 43 x 12.7 x 15 cm

Please note: Fan sold separately