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Night nappy - [product_vendor} - tula baba
Baby beehinds

Night nappy


A good nights sleep for baby (and you) is just around the corner with these beauties. This is hard to beat with up to 23 layers of customisable absorbency in the wet-zone. Combine with wool cover & lanolin for the ultimate comfort and absorbency.

This sell-out nappy style is the original Baby Beehind design.


  • Adjustable - the side snaps on this night nappy style allow you to adjust the legs & waist separately to get the perfect fit every time.
  • Unbeatable absorbency - to last all night, you need maximum absorbency so the fitted nappy piece & the inserts are made with the best, most absorbent fabrics to last all night long. The long tails can be folded to the front, middle or back and positioned in the wet zone where you need it most.
  • Soft as a babies bum - the buttery soft organic cotton velour is so soft against your babies skin, same too for the stay dry layer of microfleece to wick moisture away from the skin.
  • Ultimate Combo - simply add a waterproof Nappy Cover or the Baby Beehind 100% merino wool nappy cover for the ultimate in breathable night time solutions. This night nappy does need a cover over the top to ensure clothes/bedding stays dry (we recommend wool for the most breathable & unbeatable cover)


Waist Closure: KAM Snaps, Side Snapping
Fitted Absorbency: Outer 80% Organic Cotton, 20% Polyester, Inner Stay Dry Microfleece
Inserts: Snap-In Inserts, 3 layers Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece with microfleece top layer


Med 5-11kg
Large 10.5-16kg

Please note

Requires Nappy Cover or Wool Cover for waterproofing.
Compatible Inserts for extra boosting: Magicall Inserts