Magicall All-in-one
Magicall All-in-one
Magicall All-in-one
Magicall All-in-one
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Magicall All-in-one


If you want simple, this is the cloth diaper to start! Designed with simplicity & functionality in mind - simply change and go. The multi-award winning sized nappy style to fit every age perfectly, this is super simple. No fiddly buttons, just simple velcro waist closure for quick fuss-free nappy changes.


  • Perfect fit every time and the ‘just right’ amount of buttery soft bamboo/organic cotton fleece.
  • 6 layers of bamboo fleece for superior absorbency, plus an additional separate booster for that little bit extra between changes. Hidden waterproof layer (PUL) will keep clothes, sheets & you dry, even with those newborn poonamies!
  • GOTS Certified & OCS 100 Organic Cotton
  • 60% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton, 10% Polyester
  • Premium VELCRO® Brand closure for the perfect fit every time
  • Super soft, but firm leg elastics to keep messes contained
  • Wider waist elastics to prevent cutting in

Hints & Tips

  • Bamboo insert can be placed inside the pocket, so the stay dry layer goes against bubs skin OR it can be placed on top of the pocket, depending on your preference and what suits your baby.
  • Remember bamboo (or hemp) fibres will reach peak absorbency after 8+ washes, so just keep that in mind if you experience any leaks initially
  • Nappies can be washed with babies clothes, simply add clothes after the pre-rinse cycle.


  • Newborn 2.7 – 4.5kg
  • Small 4 – 7kg
  • Medium 6 – 11kg
  • Large 10 – 16kg


  • Waist Closure: Velcro Brand Hook & Loop
  • Absorbency: 60% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton, 10% Polyester
  • Inserts: 6 layers flip out-style + 3 layer single removable booster
  • Outer layer - smooth PUL 100% polyester, coloured with safe, non-harmful dyes
  • Inner layer - stay dry layer of smooth suede cloth
  • Pocket: Yes