Latch breastfeeding education by Peta Arthurson

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Latch breastfeeding education by Peta Arthurson

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Join the LATCH workshop to discover all you need to know about breastfeeding in the first days, weeks and months of caring for your newborn with our unique Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop.

Courses are run by Peta Arthurson, IBCLC, Lactation Educator, Certified Pre and Postnatal Doula and Mum of two!

While birth preparation is extremely important, it is just one day (maybe two!). Feeding a baby, is EVERY day! It is the most overlooked part of birth and newborn preparation and arguably the most important. This Breastfeeding Workshop gives you all the information you need to set you up for a successful feeding journey.

Please note, all bookings are to be made via Beaches Baby HERE 

Topics include

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding - To you, baby, your family and the world!
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding - How does it work exactly?
  • Positioning and Latch - Hands on Practise with Dolls and loads of easy to remember tips!
  • How do we know that baby is getting enough? - Because breasts are not see through! What are the signs of milk transfer? We need to rely on a bunch of information that helps us to know that breastfeeding is going well or if we might need some help.
  • Feeding Cues and Feeding Frequency - Are they hungry? How do they tell us? How often should they feed? When can I sleep longer?
  • Cluster Feeding and Growth Spurts - This one is a biggie and if you are unprepared for them, they can derail breastfeeding.
  • Dads and Partners - What can you do to help support feeding? When can you start to give bottles? You also need the info so you can remind Mum when she is sleep deprived! And my top tips for settling the baby, fav resources and more.
  • Pumping & Storage - When to pump, how to pump, why to pump, paced bottle feeding, introducing bottles with success.

Best attended in your 3rd Trimester but before 37 weeks pregnant (just in case you birth early!). Highly recommended that Dads or Partners also attend the program to understanding the journey of feeding a newborn and to learn how to best support you.

This 3hr program is ideally suited to the breastfeeding parent and their partner or key support person.