Eye mask - [product_vendor} - tula baba
Eye mask - [product_vendor} - tula baba
Eye mask - [product_vendor} - tula baba
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Eye mask


Eye masks help to block out light so you can get a great night (or day’s) sleep.

They are also great for taking on plane flights to help you sleep and relax.

These eye masks are super soft and have extra cotton padding inside to block out even more light and make them super comfortable on your eyes.

How Eye Masks Work

Eye masks work by blocking out the light that comes through your eyelids when your eyes are closed. We sleep better when there’s no light coming through to the eyes. The darker the better!

How To Use

Simply slip the eye mask over your eyes and place the soft elastic around the back of your head. The eye mask will sit comfortably over your eyes and top of your nose to block out light.

Made from

Made from 100% cotton, cotton/bamboo wadding and elastic. These eye masks have no wheat filling.

Australian Made

We make all of our products in Melbourne so you can be sure of an ethically made and good quality product.

Banksia Sky Design

These designs are from watercolour paintings which focus on Australian themes.