Bamboo nappy liners
Bamboo nappy liners
Bamboo nappy liners
Bubba Blue

Bamboo nappy liners


Bamboo nappy liners by Bubba Blue


  • Make changing cloth nappies easier
  • Ideal to use against baby’s skin when using cloth nappies
  • Moisture wicking
  • Incredibly soft
  • Soft & fragrance free


18x30cm each (100 sheets)


Bamboo Viscose*
*Viscose rayon derived from Bamboo

Easy to use

Place one liner on top of the cloth nappy. When changing, remove liner and dispose. Liners are biodegradable. 

Flushability of Liners

This is depending on your local council, please contact your local treatment system for further advise as each council may have a guideline as to what you can flush into their local systems. Septic systems cannot accept the Bamboo liners. If your system can accept liners, flush one liner at a time. Best to flush only those with solids on the liner, as it better for the sewage system to treat the solids. If the liner is just wet, we recommend they can be disposed of in the bin, or composted. Alternatively they can be washed, dried and reused until the liner loses form. Our liners are biodegradable, so they are suitable for the home compost. Bamboo liners will biodegrade at a slower rate than paper, a few months rather than weeks in your compost. By choosing to use reusable cloth nappies, you’ll still be doing a favour to the environment, as disposable nappies takes at least 500 years to decompose!