Tiny tot PLUS 2-in-1 trike-Kinderfeets
Tiny tot PLUS 2-in-1 trike-Kinderfeets
Tiny tot PLUS 2-in-1 trike-Kinderfeets
Tiny tot PLUS 2-in-1 trike-Kinderfeets

Tiny tot PLUS 2-in-1 trike

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The award winning Kinderfeets 2-in-1 balance bike and trike in a larger size. It's still the same quality trike; just bigger. Possibly the most beautiful balance bike you've ever seen.

Children as young as 18 months can start with this larger Tiny Tot as a trike. With three wheels they can easily start to learn how to use their feet to get moving. When a parent feels their child is ready, the Tiny Tot Plus easily converts from a trike to a 2-wheel balance bike.

  • Dutch-inspired, low, step-through frame which places children's feet closer to the ground so they feel safe.
  • Extra wide base and 19.5cm diameter wheels for riding comfort and easy balance.
  • Adjustable, cushioned seat (Seat height: 25 to 34 cm).
  • Weight limit: 25kg.
  • Non-toxic safety hand grips featuring hand protection bumpers.

Please note: The recommended age for this product is 18 months to 4 years. However a child's size, fine motor skills and balance coordination should also be taken into consideration. Some children may take a little longer to develop these skills than others; or be of above average height. Always use a bike helmet.

Care instructions: This is a wooden product protected by a lacquer veneer coating. Never store it in a location exposed to the elements or where condensation can build up overnight (such as a shed or balcony); or in a room with high humidity (such as a bathroom or laundry with a condensation dryer). Bolts may loosen from use. Be sure to check them before each ride. 

Made in an ethically run factory that Kinderfeets inspect and evaluate regularly.

Tested and certified to European and Australian standards.

Bamboo option: This product is crafted from skilfully engineered and sustainably sourced bamboo plywood that's finished with a protective lacquer stain. Bamboo is stronger than steel and heartier than most hardwood, making it a versatile and valuable building material. Bamboo is also eco-friendly in many ways. It produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees. While hard wood takes 30-50 years to mature, bamboo takes between 3-5 years and requires no pesticides or chemicals to encourage the maturation process.